Sri Lanka scales up efforts against dengue

Public health field staff inspect container for Aedes mosquito larvae during field inspections to dengue affected areas.

Sri Lanka is reporting an increased number of dengue cases this year. From 1 January to 09 October 2017, the Epidemiology Unit of the Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka reported 158,024 dengue cases, with a significant number of cases reported from the Western Province.

The number of dengue cases peaked in June 2017, coinciding with the South-West monsoon rains which commenced in late May. Heavy monsoon rains, standing water pools and other potential breeding grounds for mosquito larvae attribute to the higher number of cases reported in urban and suburban areas.

WHO is providing technical assistance to the Government to address the rise in number of dengue cases. On the request of the Minister of Health, WHO has supported the MOH to develop a plan to address the dengue outbreak, bring down the caseload and reduce the case fatality.

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