Noncommunicable diseases

The fatal link between tobacco and cardiovascular diseases in the WHO South-East Asia Region, May 2018

The most common way by which tobacco kills is by causing CVDs, including heart disease and stroke. The good news is that quitting tobacco use at any age reduces the risk of CVDs immediately.

Noncommunicable diseases are the no. 1 killers in the WHO SEA Region

Noncommunicable diseases

Noncommunicable diseases (NCDs) — mainly cardiovascular diseases, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes and cancer — are top killers in the South-East Asia Region, claiming an estimated 8.5 million lives each year.

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62%of all deaths in the Region are due to NCDs


8.5 millionpeople die of noncommunicable diseases every year in the Region


48%of all deaths from NCDs in the Region are below 70 years of age

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