Mental Health ATLAS 2017

6 June 2018 - In the Mental Health Atlas 2017, 177 out of 194 (91%) of WHO’s Member States reported on the progress of implementation of the Comprehensive Mental Health Action Plan 2013-2020. Progress values for 2016 indicate that the global targets can be reached, only if there is a collective global commitment that leads to substantial investment and expanded efforts at country level for mental health policies, laws, programmes and services across all Member States.

Towards a dementia plan: a WHO guide

1 June 2018 – Only a few countries currently have formulated national dementia plans, despite approximately fifty million people worldwide living with dementia.

Member States are urged to build comprehensive, multisectoral public policy responses to improve quality of life, enhance equitable access to services and reduce stigma and social isolation for people with dementia and their carers.

A new WHO publication assists Member States in formulating this response, through a multiphased approach.

Alcohol Policy in the WHO South-East Asia Region: A Report

This report on 'Alcohol Policy in the WHO South-East Asia Region' enumerates the progress made in alcohol policy development in WHO South-East Asia Region Member States since the endorsement of the Global Strategy to Reduce the harmful Use of Alcohol in 2010. The purpose of this report is to review the situation of alcohol policy interventions in the WHO South-East Asia Region Member States, based on the Global Strategy to Reduce the Harmful Use of Alcohol. Evidence shows that the overall situation of policy implementation and intervention to address harms from alcohol in the WHO South-East Asia Region are far from adequate. The report aims to help policy-makers and programme managers identify the areas that need attention and to work towards effective implementation and enforcement of policies and legislations.

Epidemiology of alcohol use in the WHO South-East Asia Region

This publication outlines public health aspects of alcohol use and harm in WHO South East Asia Region Countries. It summarizes Global Regional and country specific data and also discusses aspects of alcohol control that are important in the context of the Region. The possible future trend of alcohol use in the Region is also analysed and current and future barriers to effective alcohol control in countries of the Region are discussed.


Dr Nazneen Anwar
Regional Adviser, Mental Health
WHO Regional Office for South- East Asia
Phone: 91-11-4304 0200 (Ext. 26572)