Strategic Technical Advisory Committee (STAC)

The STAC guides the strategic direction of the APO’s research agenda, assures the quality of the APO's research and products, and strengthens outreach to the research community. The STAC is chaired by one of the APO Board members serving in the STAC. The STAC meeting is held one day prior to the APO Board meeting.

You can read about STAC’s terms of reference here: STAC Terms of Reference

Besides the APO Board Members, and the Directors of the Research Hubs, the STAC also includes members of the Internal Review Panel (IRP). They are:

  • Dr Andrew Cassels, Senior Fellow, Global Health Programme
  • Dr Piya Hanvoravongchai, Assistant Director, Thailand Research Center for Health Services System, Chulalongkorn University
  • Dr Stephan Duckett, Director, Health Program, Grattan Institute
  • Dr Rajani R. Ved, Advisor and Officiating Executive Director, National Health Systems Resource Centre

Terms of Reference for IRP members can be found here: IRP Terms of Reference