Research Hub Network

The APO's Research Hub and Network plays a critical role in its research output. Members work with the APO to produce Health Systems in Transition reviews, Policy Briefs, Comparative Country Studies, Policy Dialogue events and host its fellows. Reputed research institutions and individual researchers based in the Asia Pacific region are appointed to serve as Research Hubs for a period of 3 years. This rich network of local knowledge combined with a regional perspective is what makes the APO’s Research Hubs so unique, relevant and influential.

The 3 Research Hubs are: The Duke Kunshan University, People's Republic of China; The University of Tokyo, Japan and International Health Policy Program (IHPP), Thailand; and the Nossal Institute, University of Melbourne, Australia.

Duke Kunshan University, People's Republic of China

The Global Health Research Center at the Duke Kunshan University uses innovative approaches to research and solve important health and health policy challenges in China and the region. The Center’s focus areas are non-communicable diseases such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, stroke, mental health; environmental health such as effects of air pollution and climate change on health; and health policy and systems including financing, pharmaceutical policy, access to care, effectiveness of disease control and health outcome evaluations. Dr Shenglan Tang is the Director of the Duke Kunshan University Hub.

The University of Tokyo, Japan and International Health Policy Program, Thailand

The University of Tokyo, and IHPP will lead research and policy development work on health systems in collaboration with 14 major institutions from 6 countries in the Asia Pacific region: Bangladesh, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. The collaboration between the two combines the strengths of two research institutions with complementary expertise in the Asia Pacific region.

Dr Walaiporn Patcharanarumol is the current director of IHPP.

Nossal Institute at the University of Melbourne, Australia

The Nossal Institute for Global Health is part of the University of Melbourne. It supports, in partnership, improvements in the health of vulnerable communities through research, education and inclusive development practice. The Institute possesses expertise in health financing, service delivery, and health policy, and has strong links with South Asia and South-East Asia regions. Dr Peter Annear is the Director of Nossal Institute Hub.