WHO in South-East Asia

Health Systems Strengthening for Universal Health Coverage

Universal health coverage (UHC) is about ensuring all people get the quality health services they need, without experiencing financial hardship.

Universal health coverage can only be achieved if there are sufficient health workers, medicines. Sound health policies and health financing strategies are essential, to ensure that no one is impoverished as a result of the costs of health care, and that the resources are used efficiently and fairly. As countries strive at attain universal health coverage they must be able to measure and monitor their progress, and have robust accountability mechanisms in place.

Moving towards UHC is a gradual process, but it is something every country can do.

The Department of Health Systems Development (HSD) supports Member States with improving their health systems towards achieving universal health coverage. UHC is central in achieving the health Sustainable Development Goal and is one of WHO's flagship initiatives in the South-East Asia Region with a focus on the health workforce and access to medicines.


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